Office of International Affairs, CNU

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Welcome Message


On behalf of the Office of International Affairs (OIA), I would like to warmly
welcome you to Chungnam National University (CNU).

CNU has vigorously pursued globalization both in education and research as one of its major goals for the last couple of decades. Currently, CNU has active relationships with more than 432 prestigious institutions around the world, and boasts a body of foreign students and scholars exceeding 1,092 on the campus. OIA has taken a leading role in building up such partnerships with foreign institutions and students.

In March 2020, with the inauguration of our new president, Dr. Jin-Sook Lee, OIA support all international aspects in order to be the No. 1 National University in Korea. Thanks to the rise of the interest in Korean pop songs (K-pop), dramas, and films overseas, the demand for international students has increased drastically in recent years. Our Language Education Center can provide the best Korean language programs to foreign students who want to learn K-pop and other aspects of Korean culture in Korean, including those who want to pursue degree programs at CNU.

Most importantly, OIA does its best to assist our international students and scholars in adapting as quickly as possible to a new environment at CNU as well as in the surrounding Daejeon metropolis. OIA provides them with all the information and services necessary to daily life in Korea. Each staff of OIA wants to become a friend or a family member with any of our international members. I would like you to stop by our office at any time and tell us what you need. Hope to see you soon!

With Best Regards,

Dr. Hyuk-Soo Cho
Professor of International Trade, College of Economics and Management

Vice President for International Affairs

Chungnam National University