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University Profile

University Profile

  • Foundation : May 25th, 1952
  • Type: National University
  • Student : 21,950 (Undergraduate: 17,007 Graduate 4,898 International 1,420 from 72 countries)
  • Organization
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  • President

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    • University Ethics
    • Office of President
    • Office of Strategy Planning
    • Office of Government Funded Project Management
    • Vice-President of Academic and Student AffairsPublic Education Personnel Committee
      • Office of Academic Affairs

        Division of Academic Affairs Division of the Registrar

      • Office of Student Affairs

        Division of Student Affairs Division of Employment Supports

      • Office of Admissions

        Division of Admissions Division of Admission Officers

      1. Center for Liberal Arts Education
      2. ACE(Advancement of College Education) Agency
      3. Safety Management Headquarters
    • Vice-President of External AffairsExternal Affairs
      • Office of Planning

        Division of Planning & Evaluation Team of External Affairs

      • Office of Industry-Academic Research

        Division of Research Support Team of Industry-Academic Cooperation Team of Industry-Academic Research Management

      • Office of International Affairs

        Team of International Affairs Center for International Language Education

      1. LINC(Leaders in INdustry-university Cooperation) Agency
    • Office of General Affairs Division of General Affairs, Division of Accounting, Division of Facilities
    • President of Graduate SchoolCommittee of President of Graduate School
      • Graduate Schools, Professional/ Specialized Graduate Schools

        Graduate School Law School School of Medicine Graduate School of Analytical Science and Technology Graduate School of Energy Science and Technology Graduate School of Drug Development and Discovery Graduate School of Business Administration Graduate School of Education Graduate School of Public Administration Graduate School of Public Health Graduate School of Industry Graduate School of Intellectual Property Law Graduate School of Peace and Security Studies Graduate School of National Public Policy

      • Colleges and Faculty of Liberal Arts

        College of Humanities College of Social Sciences College of Natural Sciences College of Economics & Management College of Engineering College of Agriculture & Life Sciences College of Law College of Pharmacy College of Human Ecology College of Fine Arts & Music College of Veterinary Medicine College of Education College of Nursing College of Biological Sciences & Biotechnology Faculty of Liberal Arts Faculty of Military Studies

Basic Facilities


[Library]Division of Acquisition and Cataloging | [Student Center]Division of Circulation Service

Supporting Facilities


Center for Information and Communication | Dormitory | CheongRyongGwan | Center for Research Instrument and Experimental Facilities | CNU Press | Health Service Center | Physical Promotion Program Management Committee | Jeongsimhwa International Cultural Center

Auxiliary Facilities


Museum | Natural History Museum | Lifelong Education Center | Science Education Center for Gifted Children | Foundation of University-Industry Research Collaboration | University Corporation | Center for Students for Disabilities | Confucius Academy | Center for Nano Material Engineering | Center for Animal Experimentation | Laboratory Safety Management Center | Education Center for Creative Future Engineers | The Reserved Army Regiment·ROTC | Women Students Career Development Center | Human Rights Center | Center for Cooperative Education | Sports Education Center for Gifted Children

Colleges·Graduate School

[College of Humanities] Translation & Interpretation Center | Center for Korean Language Education & Writing | Speech Pathology Clinic & Research Center [College of Natural Sciences] Training Center for Socio-Physical Instructor [College of Engineering] Engineering Education Center of Accreditation | Engineering Education Practice House | Education Training Institute [College of Agriculture & Life Sciences] University Farm | University Arboretum | Institute of Animal Resources [College of Pharmacy] Medicinal Herb Laboratory [College of Human Ecology] Center for Women Resources Development [College of Veterinary Medicine] Veterinary Hospital [College of Education] Division of Teacher Training | Athletic & Sports | Instructor Training Center | Temporary Training Institute for Secondary School Teachers [Law School] Legal Advice Office

Corporation / Others


[Corporation] CNU Development Endowment | JeongShimHwa Scholarship Committee | DongWon Scholarship Committee | The Educational Research Fund for Industry, University, and Research Institute | The University Hospital | University Credit Union | Foundation of University-Industry Research Collaboration | University Press [Miscellaneous Organizations] The Reserved Army Regiment

Research Institutes


Management & Economics Research Institute | Research Center for Advanced Magnetic Materials | Center for Engineering Education | Research Institute for Educational Research and Development | Research Institute for Rapidly Solidified Materials | Research Institute for Agricultural Sciences & Technology | Baekje Research Institute | Research Institute of Law | Research Institute for American-Canadian Studies | Institute for Research in the Social Sciences | Research Institute for Industrial Technology | Materials Chemical Laboratory | Research Institute for Engineering Software | National Defense Research Institute | Institute for Women's Policy Research | Research Institute of Arts & Culture | Research Institute for Confucianism | Institute for Research in the Humanities | Internet Intrusion Response Technology Research Center | Electric Wave Research Center | Environmental Research Center Using Electro Magnetic Wave | Research Institute for Information & Communication Technology | Policy Research Institute for Small and Medium-Sized Business | Institute for Public Affairs | Research Institute for High-Technology Transportation | Research Institute of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Research Institute for Chungcheong Culture | Research Institute for National Unification | Research Institute for Peace & Security Studies | Research Institute of Marine Sciences | Research Center for Transgenic Cloned Pigs | Research Institute of Environment & Biosystems Management & Economics Research Institute | Accounting Research Institute | Research Institute for Korean Politics | Research Institute of Natural Sciences | Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences | Research Institute for Applied Chemistry and Biological Engineering | Nano-Engineering Research Institute | Architecture Research Institute | Research Institute for Architecture and Disaster Prevention | Research Institute for Scientific Criminal Investigation | Research Institute for International Technology Cooperation | Research Institute for Advanced Materials | Research Institute for Biotechnology | Cancer Research Center | Research Institute for Medical Engineering | Brain Science Research Institute | Research Institute for Drug Research & Development | Research Institute of Medical Sciences | Research Institute of Nursing Sciences | Veterinary Medicine & Science Laboratory | Research Institute for Sino Culture | Research Institute for Applied Infection Signal Network | Research Institute for Biological Signal Network | Survey Research Institute | Research Institute for Ordnance | Research Institute for Influenza Virus | Research Institute for Addicted Behavior | Railroad Research Center | SeJong Intellectual Property Law Center | Research Institute for Security Affairs | Research Institute for Advanced Circuit Boards | Invention Teacher Education Center | International Institute of Water and Environment | Research Center for Global Navigation Satellite System | Research Institute for National Strategy | Research Institute for Multi-cultural Education | Research Institute for Civil Society | Research Institute for Measurement and Evaluation of Applied Education | Research Institute for Infrastructure | Research Institute for Regional Cultural Contents | GSP Vegetable Seed Center

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff - Academic, Enrolled, Actual
Academic Enrolled Actual
Colleges Humanities 2851 2117
Social Sciences 2071 1493
Natural Sciences 3141 2258
Economics & Management 3298 2303
Engineering 7222 5073
Agriculture & Life Science 2395 1753
Law 108 82
Pharmacy 241 209
Medicine 17 15
Human Ecology 654 525
Fine Arts & Music 745 617
Veterinary Medicine 354 331
Education 1174 909
Nursing 447 420
Bioscience & Biotechnology 527 354
Liberal Arts 261 186
Military Studies 102 101
Sub-total 25581 18746
Graduate Schools Graduate School - Master 2176 1957
Graduate School - Ph.D. 1114 952
Graduate School - Integrated 57 52
Graduate School of Business Administration 213 176
Graduate School of Education 766 668
Graduate School of Public Administration 178 142
Graduate School of Public Health 76 73
Graduate School of Industry 241 228
Graduate School of Intelligent Property Law 73 60
Graduate School of Peace & Security 135 103
Graduate School of National Public Policy 63 55
Law School 341 325
Medicine 446 436
Analytical 51 50
Energy 57 57
Drug 47 40
Sub-total 6034 5374
Grand-total 31615 24120
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