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국제교류본부에 오신 것을 환영합니다.

충남대학교 국제교류본부

Course Registration

It’s advised to check the syllabus of each course before going through registration process.

Syllabus checking procedure

  1. Login to
    (ID : Student No. or Candidate No.(For Freshmen), Password : Birthday(YYMMDD).
  2. Check 강의계획 (Syllabus) menu
    zoom in
  3. Type in course number of your choice and press “조회 (Search)” button
    zoom in
  4. Click course title shown
    zoom in
  5. Click “국문강의계획서 (Korean version)” or “영문강의계획서 (English version)”
    zoom in

On-line Course registration

  1. Login to during course registration period
  2. Click “수강신청 (Course registration)” menu in left menu bar
  3. Course cancellation can be done at the same site by pressing “ 수강취소” menu during registration period , drop/add period, final cancellation period.