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[KAIST ICISTS] You are invited to ICISTS HACKAFAIR 2024!
[KAIST ICISTS] You are invited to ICISTS HACKAFAIR 2024!
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조회수 85 등록일 2024.07.08
One Idea can Bridge the World ✨
Hello, We are KAIST ICISTS, a club that hosts events for the convergence of science, technology, and society!
This August, ICISTS presents "ICISTS HACKAFAIR 2024” with the theme "Reconnect a Divided Society."
Due to the development of personalized technologies like algorithms and the internet, the shared consensus among society members has been decreasing. Unlike in the past, when people would collectively enjoy the same songs, dramas, and news, today, everyone consumes various videos and articles tailored to their individual preferences and values. This has intensified various conflicts between genders, regions, and political groups.
For those interested in the overview and solutions to these social issues, and who want to combine their scientific, social, and artistic knowledge to create innovative ideas.

We aim to propose university students' creative ideas to reintegrate a divided society through “ICISTS HACKAFAIR 2024”.
Are you curious about what conflicts have recently intensified? What methods can we apply to resolve these conflicts?? Even if you are not familiar with science and engineering, anyone who wants to solve social problems is welcome! Join us to make ICISTS HACKAFAIR 2024 more fun and enriching.
We are also planning a free day tour of Daejeon for international students after the event ends.
ICISTS HACKAFAIR 2024 offers the opportunity to create solutions for conflict resolution by brainstorming with many people through various experiences. You can also share these solutions with companies, other participants, and the citizens of Daejeon!
To those who want to meet diverse people and find the value of connecting a divided society,
ICISTS sends you an invitation to [ICISTS HACKAFAIR 2024: Reconnect Society].
[Event Overview]
  • Date: August 7-11, 2024 (4 nights, 5 days)
  • Venue: KAIST Main Campus (Daejeon)
  • Target: Any university student interested in science!
  • Participation Fee:
EARLY: 77,000 won (without dormitory), 102,000 won (with dormitory)
REGULAR: 92,000 won (without dormitory), 117,000 won (with dormitory)
For detailed explanations of the event goals and sessions, please refer to our website (!